Undercover Officers face many dangers when performing their duties. They must be aware of the dangers presented by the offenders and possible interference from the public. There is another danger which is rarely considered. That danger is mistakenly being shot by a fellow police officer. Blue on Blue shootings are a realistic danger which creates the most tragic incident a police officer will be involved in.

This course will define the different types of Blue on Blue shootings that may occur. The students will learn of the difficulties created with a Blue on Blue shooting for a police department, including the victim officer, the shooter and any witness police officers. The course will examine issues in investigating a Blue on Blue shooting and setting up policy for these investigations. The course will discuss the need for training and policy to reduce the likelihood of a Blue on Blue shooting. The students will examine the impact of a Blue on Blue shooting will have on the victim officer, the shooter and those police officers who were present at the scene.

This course is designed for 4 hours for conferences or as an 8 hour standalone class.

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