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Sheriff Myers & Associates

Sheriff (Retired) Currie Myers has work in law enforcement for over 20 years. He began his career with that Kansas Highway Patrol in 1985. Myers then transferred to Kansas Bureau of Investigation as a Special Agent. While a Special Agent he worked undercover and as a Task Force Agent for the U.S. Customs and Drug Enforcement Administration. He also worked field operations, homicide investigations and public corruptions cases. In 1998 he was assigned as the Special Agent/Manager of the KBI's Clandestine Laboratory Response program. In 2003, Myers was sworn in as the Sheriff of Johnson County, Kansas.
Myers has a Doctorate in Criminal Justice and a Mater's degree in business Administration. He is a published author on the subject including a text book on the response to clandestine lab sites.
Myers is the CEO of Sheriff Myers & Associates (SMA), a public safety consulting company specializing in reducing security risks for companies and organizations as well as providing government relation's services. Myers also serves as the executive director of the National Sexual Predator Information Center.

Areas of Expertise

Synthetic Drugs
Clandestine Lab Response and Training
Police Safety and Security Procedures
Tactical and SWAT Team Procedures and Missions
Jail Management, Security and Safety
Police Policy and Procedures
Change Management Techniques
Incident Command Systems
Police Discipline and Internal Affairs
Large county Police Operations and Procedures
Threat Assessments

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