September 1-3, 2021 Class Registration: Davis County, Utah

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Drug Investigation Class

Hosted by Davis County SO, Rocky Mountain HIDTA
BBS Narcotics Enforcement Training & Consulting, LLC

The Drug Investigation Class is designed for all law enforcement officers. The techniques taught in this training have been proven effective and are being used by detectives and uniformed officers around the country. The student will learn investigative tactics they can put to use on their next shift. The class will cover numerous investigative techniques to include: Drug Identification, Undercover Operations, Use of Social Media, What’s going on with Drug Labs, Knock and Talk, Interdiction, Pharmacists and the Drug Trade, Testifying in Court on a Drug Case as well as other topics.

The instructor for the class will be Brian Sallee. Brian retired as detective from the Albuquerque Police Department. He was a police officer for almost 40 years and spent over 31 years working narcotics units. Brian has provided training to police officers from all 50 states as well as foreign police officers. He has written two books, Narcotics Investigations: Working and Surviving and The Methamphetamine Handbook: What You Need to Know.

Davis County Sheriff's Office Auditorium
800 West State Street

Farmington, Utah

September 1-3, 2021


COST: $255.00 (group discounts available) Each Student will receive the textbook Narcotics Investigations: Working and Surviving

Questions/contact: Brian Sallee (505) 459-5554 or