Timmey M. McClure Jr.

Investigator Timmey Micheal McClure Jr. is an investigator with the Ford County Sheriff’s Office. He is currently assigned to work primarily narcotics but also investigates all other forms of crimes. Investigator McClure started his career in 1997.

Tim started his career with the Ford County Sheriff’s Office and was promoted to Patrol Sergeant. Tim then went to the Dodge City Police Department to work narcotics and was the immediate supervisor of the Detective Bureau. In 2005 Tim went back to the Ford County Sheriff’s office as an Investigator with the primary responsibility of working narcotics and gang related crimes. Tim is currently assigned to the Investigation Division working special investigations to include narcotics and gang crimes. Tim has been involved with the several types of narcotic investigations. He is currently certified as a Clandestine Laboratory Specialist who investigates and dismantles Methamphetamine Labs and a Nationally Certified Drug Recognition Expert (D.R.E).

Tim also has been very involved with working and investigating Gangs. Tim started working gangs in 1999 and has been involved with many criminal cases. Tim has traveled to 47 different states teaching about gang structure, history, ideology, sociology, and investigation techniques. Tim has instructed members from the FBI, DEA, ATF, multiple state and local agencies over his career. Tim has also consulted with the Military and provided training to soldiers on what to look for when dealing with gangs. Tim also has traveled to many locations to give seminars and lecture to schools and other civic organizations. Tim has testified in both state and Federal Court on Drug cases and gang cases. He has been recognized by both the Federal System and the Kansas Courts as an expert in Gang and drug issues. Tim has provided information and expertise to the U.S. District Attorney’s Office in the State of Kansas and other prosecutors. Tim has also provided testimony in civil court proceedings on gang issues.

Tim is a Kansas Certified Paramedic. He received his certificate from Coffeyville Community College in Coffeyville, Kansas in 1997. He received his Associates Degree in Applied Science with the emphasis in Criminal Justice from the Dodge City Community College in Dodge City, Kansas in 2005 and his Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice from Central Christian College in McPherson, Kansas in 2013. Investigator McClure is also an instructor for MCTFT, (Multi Counterdrug Task Force Training) program with St. Petersburg Community College and is also an adjunct instructor for the Garden City Community College teaching Gang 101 and Police Ethics. Investigator McClure has been published in several newspapers, POLICE the MAGAZINE, and has been interviewed by local television stations and two different news media from Canada.

Investigator McClure has been awarded Officer of the year award in 2005 for the Dodge City Police Department, Home Town Hero award from Unicel Inc. and Officer of the year for the Dodge City chapter of VFW. He has received numerous letters of appreciation from schools and community organizations.

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